Posted on 7 avr. 2021

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New Post: YouTube SEO tutorial -
YouTube SEO training

In this article, let's talk about YouTube SEO and improving the ranking of our videos on YouTube and search engines. In fact, the methods provided for video SEO on YouTube are exactly the same methods that we in our  Media team do to increase the number of monthly views of our YouTube channel. If you are also looking to get more views, more comments, increase the number of your members in the channel, and also increase the number of your inputs from Google, you can read the  YouTube SEO tutorial in full.

YouTube SEO training
You may be wondering if a video can really be optimized for certain YouTube keywords to get better rankings in YouTube search results? To clarify this issue, you can see the images below. To help you better understand this.

As you can see, by taking some special steps you can get a better ranking in YouTube search results for some keywords. Follow the steps below for SEO on YouTube.
Step 1 SEO on YouTube: Find Keywords
Millions of searches are done on YouTube every day. If you want to have more visitors for your videos and show your products and services to many users. It is best to use commonly used and searchable words for video titles and descriptions on YouTube.
 But how do we find the keywords?
The first step in finding the best keywords for your movie and channel on YouTube is to first make a list of the words you are looking for. In this article, we decide
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