Posted on Jan 2, 2021

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Develop an SEO strategy in 10 steps in 2021

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to formulate an SEO strategy for 2021 step by step.

If you can do this approach correctly, you can attract up to 200,000 new visitors to your website every month!

So if you are looking for a higher ranking in Google rankings, follow this article!
What does SEO strategy mean?
SEO strategies (also referred to as "SEO strategy" or "Search Engine Optimization Principles") are a process that involves planning, describing, and executing steps designed to improve search engine rankings.

In other words, an SEO strategy is a process that you follow when you want to get more dynamic traffic.

With this in mind, the following are the steps in creating an SEO strategy in 2021:

Step # 1: Create a keyword list
Step # 2: Analyze Google Home Page Results
Step # 2.5: Categorize Keywords (New Update)
Step # 3: Create different or better content
Step # 4: Add the link
Step # 5: Optimize the site's internal pages
Step # 6 - Optimize for Search Objectives
Step # 7: Increase the attractiveness of the content
Step # 8: Get the link
Step # 9: Update and improve old pages

Step # 1: Create a keyword list

Everything in search engine optimization revolves around keywords.

This is why keyword research is usually the first step in any SEO strategy.

You can easily find the keywords that your targe
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