Posted on Feb 1, 2021

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New Post: Why should we use google ads? - On October 23, 2000, a new revolution took place in the world of advertising. The world of digital marketing changed forever when Google introduced the Google Ads service. Just 10 years later, Google managed to make $42 billion from its advertising programs. Now AdWords is one of the most beloved children of Google. A child who, in addition to Google, has benefited from many businesses.

AdWords is the most powerful click-through advertising (PPC) service today, allowing you to design and run advertising campaigns for your business. With this service, you can run ads for your business and appear on the Google search results screen.


Here are some reasons to use Google Ads.
Google Ads is standard, measurable, and, of course, flexible
A major advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing (newspaper and television advertising) is that it can be easily and regularly measured. In fact, there are several metrics that make this possible. Of course, I'm not talking about SEO here.
When it comes to flexibility, there are a number of options that can help you customize your campaign to fit your needs and your goals. For example, here are some uses for Ads.
Specify keywords with EXACT mode
This option is a good feature for those who emphasize a specific keyword (neither one less wow nor one more wow) and want to be displayed for that particular word and only pay for clicks related to it. For example, if you
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