Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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New Post: How to Delete Google My Activity Search History? - Google can see everything you do!
Sometimes we want to know your activity on Google or remove something from the history of Google My activity.
For many people, there are questions, such as how to access all the activities we have had so far at Google and how to delete some items from Google history. Read the comprehensive answers to these questions.

Of course, you have also used Google search engine and you should know that this search engine stores your activities in the "My Activity" section, which means that if you visit My Activity, it will do all the searches you have done in Google. You can see, so you may want to delete some searches for any reason, which in the following I will teach you how to remove Google searches, so stay tuned for the topic of removing Google searches .

1. Informing Internet users: Google knows everything about you

First, it is good to know that Google receives information using the software that it provides to its users. About where you are now and where you are going (Google Map), your needs at different times (Google search), your place of residence and place of work (access to your location and estimate of your maximum stay at the place), etc.

Google may also have an information support system, but we can make access to our information more difficult by identifying and deleting our history and information from Google.

2. How to see our activities on Google
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